Marketing The Grid Crowdfunding Campaign

The most successful Crowdfunding campaign of all time raising 5.2 million with 55K founding members.

The Grid
Tools Used:
Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Git Hub
My Role:
Marketing Manager
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The Grid is a decentralized economy founded on empowering people to make meaningful & financial connections on their own slice of the Internet.


Why is building and maintaining a website so hard, today? Getting a ‘good-enough’ website is too difficult & expensive, so most go without.

People don’t even want to build a website, they want the benefit of a website. Many don’t consider the possibilities of a world with their own website.

Final Notes

We built and managed The Grid campaign from start to launch. With a clear message and tagline to give everyone their own slice of the internet, they can call home.

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