A Small Business Owner’s Down-and-Dirty Guide to “Platishing”

The New Way of Marketing Online

First off what is Platishing or a Platisher? 

The phrase was coined by Jonathan Glick when he wrote an article called Rise of the Platishers. In his words, it’s something in between a publisher and a platform — something that weaves together the strengths of both. So why is this happening now and why is it important.So why is this happening now and why is it important?One of the reason, Glick goes on to say, is the rapidly changing landscape of media distribution and revenue. The combination of mobile’s small screens and programmatic ad buying has made it clear that successful consumer properties need to have enormous amounts of traffic, and ad units that are essentially content.Consumers crave content. In fact, they demand it like foodies in search of the next best boutique burger.Consistently creating and publishing kick-ass content isn’t just “icing on the cake” anymore; it’s a must-have component of every small business owners marketing strategy. Useful content should be at the core of your marketing.The big players are already doing it. Birchbox, the tremendously successful beauty-in-a- box subscription business, decided early on that they needed to leverage content to succeed. Co-founder and Co-CEO Hayley Barna said, “Our first hire was our editorial director, which isn’t a typical move for a startup, but we knew that was an important early investment.” And consumer buying behavior backs Birchbox up.

When we first started Birchbox one of the first things that we did was make sure that we had good content and good brand voice.

The Content Marketing Institute recently reported that 80 percent of decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles rather than in ads.The bottom line is this: People want to be inspired and educated online, not sold to or patronized.So what’s “content marketing” all about and how can you keep up with the Birchboxes of the world, while inspiring your own audience? Simply put, content marketing means providing valuable information to your current and potential customers for the purpose of earning their trust and making more meaningful transactions.A successful content marketing strategy establishes you as a trusted expert in your field. It makes you a connector, rather than a seller.Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.Content is the Present – and Future – of Marketing.

The first step is to get curious and ask questions like: How can we create content that’s all about the connection?Where can we find the right resources for seamlessly sharing our content online?Is there a way to build our web are purposefully and quickly? (cough cough)How can we make managing content seamless instead of a shit-show? (Maybe we should say insanity-inducing instead ;)How can we create collaborative experiences worth sharing?Are there ways to automate content without compromising quality?What the heck is a “CTA” and how can we use them to build real relationships?Is it possible to build your own brand online without selling your soul to someone else’s? (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)?Where can we find the next generation of web tools? (Do they even exist?...we think they do ;)There’s something new – something game-changing – going on right now with the web. A new generation is experimenting with making “content-management systems” super simple instead of just super frustrating.After all, as small business owners, we believe the web should be a force for good. Let’s start making that belief a reality.


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